Safe and Effective Concussion Management

Our goal is to return athletes to play as quickly and safely as possible after concussion. To do so, we provide a comprehensive concussion management program to our patients who experience brain trauma.

Our approach to concussion care aims to:

  • Educate athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and parents about the symptoms of concussion and how best to manage it.
  • Provide the diagnosis, testing, and follow-up care necessary to prevent and treat concussion injuries.

We offer Baseline ImPACT Testing before an injury and rapid scheduling of appointments for individuals with suspected concussions. ImPACT testing is used by nearly every professional sports team as well as college programs and more than 3,000 school districts nationwide. This online test establishes an athlete’s baseline neurocognitive function and includes balance testing.

Following a concussion, the athlete takes the test again, allowing the computer system to calculate if there’s been a change to his or her cognitive efficiency. An ImPACT assessment is one tool that can help us determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to play after a concussion.